Khetpa Association for Himalayan Children
Asociación Khetpa para los Niños del Himalaya




These children come from Khet, an isolated village in the Himalayan Mountains in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India. We are helping them to get a good education. Our Project started in 1996. Today five of our young people have finished university and have jobs.

The children are happy, hard working, responsible and affectionate. They are capable and motivated students who make good grades at school.They help and support each in doing household chores as well as with homework. They have strong ties with their families and their Tibetan Buddhist culture, but their families do not have the economic means to send them to school. Without an education their choices for the future are very limited.


Khetpa Association cares for the children in all aspects of their lives---their human development, their education, their day-to-day needs. We maintain two residences in South India where the children live and study, one in Karnataka and another in Tamil Nadu. We take responsibility for all of their expenses from primary school until they finish university---housing, school fees, food, clothing, medical insurance and vacation expenses.

Connecting with people who are members, sponsors and supporters of Khetpa Association brings about a huge positive change in the lives of these children.

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