Khetpa Association for Himalayan Children
Asociación Khetpa para los Niños del Himalaya


The association

The beginning.   The work of Khetpa Association began in 1996 when a small group of children were moved from their village in the Himalayas to South India to go to school.


In the beginning it wasn´t easy to find money for the expenses of even one child. There weren´t many donations and we had to ask for loans. But the possibility of going to school was so important to the lives of the children that we carried on. Thanks to people who made donations over the years and, since 2009, people who have become formal sponsors of children, we´ve been able to increase the number of children and improve their living conditions. Today we support forty children. 


The present. Educating a child from primary school through university is a long term commitment. For this reason it is essential that we supplement the donations of individuals with the stable and continuing support of sponsors and members of an association as well as the income from sponsored events. 


With this in view the work that started in 1996 was given legal structure on January 8, 2013 when The Association Khetpa for Himalayan Children was registered as a nonprofit association with the Spanish Ministry of and given the number 601610.


Our home office is in Madrid, Spain. We are in contact several times a week by phone and email with the residences in Ooty and Sera. Members of the executive committee spend time each year in India with the children and young people. The association organizes different kinds of events to raise money and find new members, sponsors and donors to help continue our work.


In India we have two residences. In Ooty in Tamil Nadu  two young women from Khet, the village where the children were born, take care of the children and the household. At this time we only cover their expenses. In future we would like to be able to pay them a small salary. A geshe (a monk who holds a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy) also lives with the children and manages the household expenditure. The short video on this page gives a glimpse of the daily activities of the 19 children and young people between 8 and 23 years of age who live in the house.


Twenty more children and young people live in a residence within the Monastery Sera Je near Mysore in Karnataka. Their timetable is strict and they must be very good students to carry out their demanding program of study. Their school day starts at 6am. In addition to doing conventional studies they also learn Tibetan grammar, Chinese and memorize religious texts. When they have free time on Monday afternoons and Tuesdays they enjoy reading and sports. Unlike the children in Ooty they don´t have TV or a computer in their house.








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